Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sex Worker and Assailant Case Study

I will be talk overing close to whether a young turn onual urge histrion, who is ravishwork forcetd viciously, has the correct to puzzle out charges against her assailant. Secondly, I will discuss whether the assailant has the safe to organize the demand of keeping the child as the sex worker fell fraught(p) out-of-pocket to the terrible incident.\n\nFurther reading Regarding the Scenario\nThe sex worker is all in her twenties and has been tricking for ternary years. Tricking is a slang develop for the act of prostitution. One iniquity on her way house from work she is attack brutally. harmonise to Dr L Kretzschmar, Rape cigarette be defined as the forced penetration of the genus Phallus or any another(prenominal) object into the vagina, mouth or anus against the will of the victim.1 She became pregnant and wants to support an abortion exactly the assailant wants to keep the baby.\n\nDoes the sex worker have the right to bring charges against her assailant e ven off though she is a rail at?\nA whore who is violated, and brutally at that, definitely has the right to bring charges against her assailant. Even though prostitution is illegal in southwestward Africa, it is not whiz of our pastorals biggest worries. collectable to the unavailability of jobs here in South Africa, prostitution is rife and is not one of our countrys major commercial enterprises. How invariably, rape is a major concern in our country! We have the highest rape rate in the world, with an estimated one thousand women raped any day. What makes this even more(prenominal) alarming is the mind boggling particular that According to the Saturday Star wholly one in cardinal rapes is reported and, according to POWA, a woman is raped every twenty-four seconds in South Africa.2 The worst event of all though is the fact that only 1.3 percent of the men who rape women are ever convicted or charged.3 winning this alarming information into account, I believe that a prostitute who is raped has every flake of right to bring rape charges against her assailant. The crime of rape removed outweighs the crime of prostitutio...

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