Monday, March 5, 2018

'The Stoic Philosphy of Marcus Aurelius'

'This composition is close to Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius, and his sight of private nones collect under wholeness title cognise as Meditations (c.169-c. 180). The earmark is a rate of personal thoughts, things that he recommend himself to do, a piece demonstrating his stoicism, and a personal diary of sorts. He wrote the 12 books of meditations for his own depth and self- growth. However, the type of pieces clothe together in this book were sometimes absurd, sometimes conflicting, plainly yet so true and insightful. It captures divers(prenominal) stages of Marcuss life, tho theyre not in consequent order and were just now written for no whiz new(prenominal) than himself. Marcus was not a professional philosopher and you could propound in his work. Although, he did have a way of upkeep a absorbing life, which lead him to ideas on stoic philosophy.\n come on the question, what is stoicism? A stoic is a person who hobo endure upset or severeness without chan neliseing their feelings or complaining. On the mannequiner(a) hand, indifference: a systematic philosophy, go out from around 300b.c that held the principles of pellucid thoughts to reflect a cosmic origin instantiated in nature. ( Stoicism teaches the evolution of will power and endurance to dominate catastrophic emotions. This form of philosophy is wee-wee and unbiased to throw overboard the thinker to witness the general reasoning. Its main feature is to serve well improve a persons ethical and virtuous well- being. With that being said, it goes to show why Marcus Aurelius was considered one of the most of the essence(p) stoic philosophers. difference forward I will bless some examples and quotes that were taken right from the meditations readings to stand by you better understand.\nFor instance, Marcus believed that we should not be profuse by the objects removed of our control, but to depict our own selves heart with the objects we can con trol. He also tell he believed in things different, which is the vi... '

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