Sunday, November 3, 2019

You are wiith torture or no Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

You are wiith torture or no - Essay Example In my opinion, torture should not be used for any purposes in humans (Arar 1). Pro-torture arguments believe in giving intelligent agencies extended powers for torturing people in order to obtain information. In addition, they argue that torture can be used to compel individuals to do various tasks required by agencies, organizations and governments (Arar 1). In this case, torture can be used through enhanced interrogation techniques such as sleep deprivation and water boarding. Proponents of torture also argue based on idealism. In this case, torture is justified because of its capabilities to help in saving lives in exceptional conditions. In this case, torture is used to obtain information from terrorists and people suspected of illegal activities. Therefore, inflicting pain is an effective way of preserving order and securing the safety of people (Arar 1). As an individual opposing torture, it is worth stating that the process is inhuman and unethical. This is because torture inflicts pain and disrupts the psychological state of the individual. In addition, torture inflicts moral damage on the society because of the state and severity of the psychological and physical torture (Arar 1). In addition, torture cannot be used as an instrument for fighting terrorism of obtaining information because it is an instrument of

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