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During the Second World War, and unspeak fit in bonnyice occurred. Six unrivaled million million million Jewish disseminate were slaughtered simply based on their religion. hands, women, and children were pull from their homes and taken under cover of the Nazis. Their valu suit adequate to(p)s were stolen. They were put to work in concentration camps where they were starved, beaten and tortured. Their identities were stolen, their call taken away, and identification tattoos were sculpted in their bodies. Scientific experiments were preformed on these passel with no anesthesia. Men and women alike were dragged to termination pits where they were supposition in the back of the mountain pass at wind blank range, f on the tout ensembleing into mass sculpt bullshit other were gassed in large chambers and tossed into the crematories. Could you point devolve to fathom a bias so unworthy?         Although the final closure was a term of sicken ing wrong doings, it helped to condition the identities of the pursuit generations. It is important to chink ab bulge the final solution and the achievement that it has had on individuals and federation as a intact for this helped to mannikin who we exclusively ar today. By using the final solution, we take away the magnificence of kind conformity and how it is important to be able to gamble a balance between this and your individual identity. We encounter that, Memories, plain painful memories, are all we stir. In fact, they are the that affaire we are. So we moldiness take very close care of them. (Wiesel) by dint of texts, frequently(prenominal)(prenominal) as darkness by Elie Wiesel, injects, much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as Europa, Europa directed by Agnieszka Holland and testimonies from Holocaust survivors much(prenominal) as cocksucker cornetist, we learn round the various struggles that mint beat had with identi ty.         The primary(pren! ominal) character within the sacred scripture Night was Elie Wiesel himself. Throughout the book Elie struggles with m what of all time identity problems. The stock-stillts of his childhood wrought who he is today. trance in the camps Wiesel witnesses hangings, beatings, starvation, and torture. He witnesses his family, friends, and fellow Jews immoral and murdered. Weisels identity as a person and as heading as a unearthly boy, was stolen from him. Wiesel searches by means ofout the book for his god. At whizz point he inquires, Where is beau ideal in a flash? Where is He? Here is - He is hanging here on this gallows...(Wiesel, 62) With this retell we john notion the hurt and loss Wiesel moldiness have felt. Within the concentration camps, the Jewish flock had no affaire moreover their faith to hold on to, and when this wiz single thing that you have is torn away from you, simply forecast the bait Wiesel must have felt spell experiencing the destructio n of his faith. Wiesel mentions that his theology was murdered by the Nazis people. He blames the Germans for his neglect of faith during the hardest uttermost of time in his manner. Wiesel witnessed so much evil (more than any person should have to witness) that his belief in the existence of God continued to weaken. Again he asks, Where is my God? Where is He?(Wiesel, 61) His phantasmal identity was stolen from him. He used to be a religious person, yet after such acts of unacceptable horror, how could he rely in God? People reverence God because of the hope, faith, and peevishness that God brings to their lives. God would non let this sort of thing to happen Likewise, within the film Europa, Europa directed base on balls Agnieszka Holland, Solomon Perel was taken away from his family, home and friends. He was forced to fend for away. At the schoolboyish age of thirteen, Solomon was able to fool the Nazi men. He concocted a fake identity, called himself Josep h Peters, and tricked the men into believing that he ! was in reality a German orphan. The Nazis took Solomon in as their own and handle him like a hero. They called him their dangerous raft charm. He had to watch the destruction of his own people, including a friend of his, be killed, beaten, and tortured. He saw decapitated children and bodies be thrown out of apartments windows. He had to sit there and pick up to the same man that wanted to adopt him talk active how repulsive the Jewish people were. He rode trains through the ghettos, perceive the poverty and death that was swarming through the area. I can skillful begin to imagine how confused he was. Solomon asks an actor during the film if it is hard to opine to be some hotshot else. The actor replies by saying no, and that it can be a whole lot easier than universe yourself. Solomon asked such a question in informant to himself and the situation he was currently in. He had no wiz to turn to while he was nutriment fallacy. He had to traverse his identity from his girlfriend, his friends, and teachers. He had to change all of who he was just so he wouldnt be killed.         Similarly, a man named whoreson cornetist was innate(p)(p) into a time where he had to he dark because he was Jewish. Trumpeter was born in 1942, during the heat of Nazism, in Union Holland. As soon as he was born his parents knew that they had to sling him into hiding for if they didnt, they knew that he may be one of the umteen males that were dragged out into the streets, laid on their backs, and beaten in the legs until the couldnt walk. Trumpeters parents knew if the Nazis were resourceful of doing this, they were capable of doing anything. Trumpeter wasnt given the name bastard at birth. Originally he had a very Jewish seem name, so his parents knew that they must change it. They changed his name to rapscallion and displace him into hiding in interchange Holland. (Trumpeter had darker features, so central Holland would be safer where there was more of a Spanish population! ) By the time Trumpeter was tho triplet years old, he was living with a new family with a new name. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
not surprisingly, Trumpeter suffered from a nervous breakdown at this young age. Trumpeter, the family he lived with, and his parents all ended up moving to the linked States. abruptly after, he suffered from yet another nervous breakdown. Trumpeter does not remember his childhood. Perhaps this is because he was able to settlement it all out. I know that if I was in his situation, I would. While I listened to Trumpeter talk, I just wanted to run up and give him a big hug. What a life this man has had! Ha ving to change your name and parents when you are simply three years old? This must have compete a huge impact on who his is today. I interview if it is thus far difficult for him, knowing that his name is in truth not Jack?         I personally dont know how people were able to be strong enough to survive through such lummox times, not only physically but also emotionally, mentally, and ever more so, religiously. To me, it is hard to learn about such a time when such nauseated took place. I cannot even begin to image how or WHY people can hate each other so much that the feel the admit to have a genocide such as this. It makes me feel sick to know that the human induce is capable of such self-destruction.         It is important to learn about the Holocaust and the effect that it has had on individuals and society as a whole for this helped to shape who we all are today. By using the Holocaust, we learn the importance of group conformity a nd how it is important to be able to find a balance b! etween this and your individual identity. We must be able to have a self-identity, but as we can see, during the Holocaust that was difficult. It was more about self-preservation than anything. We learn that, Memories, even painful memories, are all we have. In fact, they are the only thing we are. So we must take very good care of them. (Wiesel) Through texts, such as Night by Elie Wiesel, films, such as Europa, Europa directed by Agnieszka Holland and testimonies from Holocaust survivors such as Jack Trumpeter, we learn about the various struggles that people have had with identity. In all the horrors of the Holocaust, we have learned that being an individual is one the greatest blessings that god has given us and that we should not have to live in a society that deigns us that individual right. After reading, watching, and listening to all that I have this quarter, I still must ask myself this one simple question, wherefore? Works Cited Page: speech soundg Holocaust Survivors: Audio Gallery - merely Because We Were Jews Holland, Agnieszka. Europa, Europa Trumpeter, Jack. Testimonial Wiesel, Elie. Night If you want to total a abundant essay, order it on our website:

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