Thursday, July 25, 2019

Comparison of the novel by Robert Penn Warren and the film Adaptation Essay - 1

Comparison of the novel by Robert Penn Warren and the film Adaptation - Essay Example The book displays Jack’s character in a more complex manner as compared to the film. Jack’s character takes a complex form in the book (Warren 45). His pessimist nature towards life is evident in the book with a clear obsession with Anne Stanton. In the film, Jack’s feelings are partially captured. The novel displays the philosophical discussion of Jack but â€Å"The Great Twitch† is not shown in the film. The 1930s era is characterized by racism (Warren 56). To keep up with the era, Jack displays racist aspects by standards of a different era. The film does not capture this aspect. Jack is a doctor and performs doctoral research. Which is more effective and powerful, the visit with judge Irwin and the conflicts presented between Willie, Jack and the Judge in the film version, or the novel? (pages 63-73) explain your answer, providing specific examples from both the film and the novel.   The film version is more strong as it displays a critical review of the scenario. The discussion of his doctoral research is presented in the novel but does not appear in the film. Jack studies Cass Mastern in his research who in a descent from the Antebellum South. Mastern fought in the Civil War. The book gives a detailed passage on Mastern and his influence on people’s life. This creates controversy as being the center of discussion in of the moral theme in the novel. Jacks stop his research on Mastern as he refuses to accept the study ratings of how people’s actions have impact on the destiny of others (Warren 98). The reaction of Jack in the book is more prevailing that that in the film. Jack is more enraged in the book on learning that Willie has Anne as his mistress. The book does not carry the storyline of Tom Stark as displayed in the film. The film does display Tom Stark but for short periods only. The book and the film display the scandal caused by Tom after he impregnated a girl. The father of the girl faces

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