Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A post-secondary institution Essay Example for Free

A post-secondary institution Essay If I was not able to make it in any of my post-secondary institution this year, It will disappointment for me. Every endeavor that a man wishes in life comes at the right time and with a great purpose. Failing to make it to any of my desired field will pave way for me to pursue other fields non academically. Doing things that I have knowledge or have never thought about but have interest in. I might discover something in the field outside of post-secondary institution that will help me grow as an individual. I believe that my disappointment will only be short-lived, because I will shift my attention to doing more relevant things like community services. In order to learn, continuously there is a need for socialization and active participation in doing services. This will benefit not only the community but the individuals growth as well. Making a difference out of this fast changing world is by simply being me. Dedicating myself to community service without anything in return is my way of making a difference. Doing activities through service in the community allows me to grow as an individual and help other people as well.

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