Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Risk of Energy Drinks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Risk of Energy Drinks - Essay Example According to the research findings, although energy drinks have advantages, they may also affect both physical and mental health of consumers. There is a range of positive effects of energy drinks which make the market of energy drinks grow as great numbers of people consume them and take them as a favorite drink. For instance, according to recent statistics, energy drinks take around 20 percent of the entire beverages store in the market. This shows that the growing popularity is mainly created by the fast positive effects an energy drinks can produce. The main constituents that energy drinks have per bottle are â€Å"carbohydrate, caffeine, guarana, sodium, ginseng, taurine† and other ingredients. The first benefit of energy drinks is that when drinking them a person can show improvements in paying attention, concentration and memory due to the nervous system stimulation. Clearly, energy drinks can improve and make people more active in their mental performance, which seems to be the most important advantage of energy drinks. The second benefit that makes energy drinks well for people is that they improve and increase physical performance. Research proves the relationship between the energy drinks use and the improvement of reaction time and delayed tiredness. Moreover, according to Johnson, Foster, and McDowell, there are five studies that examined effects of energy beverages, and they show improvements of upper and lower body muscles strengths as well as cycling strength. Therefore, energy drinks can be useful when a person trains hard or involves a long and concentrated mental work and needs a boost of energy, attention, and concentration. Due to the ability to decrease the time of recovery, energy drinks can allow one to be physically and mentally active for a longer period of time and with a better concentration.

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