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Arguments On Gods Existence Philosophy Essay

Arguments On divinity fudges Existence Philosophy EssayDoes divinity really exist? This is perhaps one of the most sought answer that has divided humanity into two discrete ideologies theism and atheism. To subscribe to either of the two doctrines, one would number 1 need to regard who or what is idol? The most conventional definition of deity that cut across most religions is God is the creator of the reality and everything on it. One would so argue that for God to do all this He must non only be self existent, omniscience, omnipotent further also the Highest Form of Being. This statement and believe has by and large provoked deep rooted enmity between atheists and theists. While one can sometimes feel obliged to controversy towards Atheism based on the arguments extended by atheists the strongest conviction of existence of God is perhaps realized through theists support for existence of God as their arguments are satisfactory as opposed to atheists that are more often than not left hanging. Theism is the most popular doctrine in the world nowadays because one is easily convinced by arguments put forward to support Gods existence. These arguments are multi faceted spanning from various dimensions history, science, and philosophy.Historical arguments emanate from a religious posture most notably Christianity. Stories from the Bible both Old and New Testament talk of the existence of God as the creator of the population and everything in it. God existence is mentioned in the Bible in more than one occasion. The scriptures talk of God who created the heavens and earth in six days. By faith believers are urged to believe in his existence And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him (Hebrews 116). Every man-to-man who has this religious affiliation or believe accepts God existence and hand in natures creation. From a religious perspecti ve one can therefore derive natures beautiful creation. In addition, believe in existence of God or a Superior Being transcends diverse societal cultures, civilisations and even continents. Surely this does not fit the description of a mere coincidence but rather an unknown force (God) causing this belief.Critical thinking be it evaluation of logic or deductive reasoning put forward as philosophical arguments further justifies the existence of God. Three main philosophical arguments explains the existence of God anthological, first cause, and argument from design.Simple reasoning clearly shows that there is a God. Trying to argue otherwise defiles logic for one cannot even explain where the intelligence to hesitancy His existence comes from. If one really knows what or who God is then arguing that He does not exist is just as vague as its illogical.The universe must have come into existence at one point in time. However, nothing ever creates itself in light of this it must have b een created by someone or something that is inconceivable and that was there from the beginning (God). No matter how we may want to deny Gods existence we cant explain creation of the universe from a mere explosion, who and what caused the explosion? What was exploded and who created it? Unless we embrace the fact that another supernatural forces really exists, none other than GodThe world perfectly supports supporting things, the sun and other planets arrangement in space can only be described as artistic. If anything were to change like maybe the sun moves imminent to the earth all living things would die the reverse is also true. Can a Big Bang cause such perfect dispersal? why is everything still in precise locations after millions of years? Its definitely because there is a god who designed this universe to support life, periodThe existence of God can also be explained through scientific experiments of living organisms properties that portray high level structuring of DNA. Wh ile living cell denotes unique arrangement that is really instructional like binary codes that run a computer programme, scientists have failed to explain this existence of such a pattern without programming, it therefore goes without saying God must have made it that to guides organisms activities. In addition the complexity of a human brain cannot be fully described by evolution theories in place, only God is capable of making a human being a very bright creature.Existence of God is not only pragmatic but theoretical as well. As one examines nature, Gods presence is manifested in many forms ranging from perfectly arranged planets and sun to complex minute cells with unique coordinate DNA that guides organisms activities. Scholars more importantly scientists have failed to provide a satisfactory explanation of these phenomenas thus rationalizing the existence of God who makes all these possible. Critical thinking and deductive reasoning regarding the coming of existence of the u niverse has proofed beyond any reasonable doubt that the universe did not come into existence by itself but rather by a creator who can only be God. However some arguments put forward to explain Gods existence are irrelevant and at best may just seem as illusions rather than facts. For example arguing that everything that exist has a cause is logical but however stating that God is self existent along the same line of thought undermines the fact that the statement is trying to put across, one may wonder if God is complex and is inconceivable, why cant the universe being a complex phenomena be self existent too?

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