Friday, June 14, 2019

Consumer Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Consumer Behaviour - Essay Exampleterm associated with a male individual who have a strong concern for his appearance, and spent time, property and attention to aesthetic details of his exterior. Such men always concerned about their appearances and will wear nice dresses and will adopt new trends in fashion in their life styles. Quiet often people misinterpret a person with metrosexual attributes as a gay guy but in reality they have no relationship with such people.Consumerism is a culture spreading all over the world which deals with the relationship between personal joy and purchasing material and its consumption. Consumer industry, especially the ornamental industry is changing because of the evolution of metrosexuality. As per the earlier trends, men were least concerned about fashion and their appearances compared to women and the cosmetic industry focussed mainly on the female community earlier. But the changing trends among mens fashion concepts forced the consumer indust ry to concentrate in mens fashion segment also. The active participation of men along with women in the consumer market is a blessing for consumer industry.Mens steady Balm (A soothing balm for use after shaving or weather exposure), Mens No shine (Daily moisturizer for oily to normal skin), Mens bear on Survive (For use throughout the day to revive the complexion), Mens Scrub Up De Tox (Facial scrub for daily use), Mens Morning corona (Daily moisturizer for normal to dry skin) are some of the descends famous skin care products for men. (Professional Skincare Products)New Pro-age, Energy Glow, Sensitive Skin, Deep Moisture, Dove go fresh are some of the doves skin care products for women. (Dove face care)Mens Calm Balm is a very good product for men, which contains the healing properties of essential oils tea tree and lemon. It can sooth and heal skin irritation. It has rejuvenating properties of anti oxidant algae mineral nutrients. Moreover, it can protect the skin from UV r adiations

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