Wednesday, June 12, 2019

External and Internal Environments Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

External and Internal Environments - Assignment ExampleThe study discussed the antithetical strategies followed by the organization to utilize their strength and opportunities and eliminate their threats and weaknesses. The nett discussion of this report is based on the analysis of its value chain with the help of the resource, capabilities and core competencies.The different external environment such as politically-economical, legal, social, technical and environmental factors have an important effect on the bank line decisions of AT&T. The economic and technological factors play the most influential role in the business decision of AT&T (Crandall, 2000).High inflation and interest rates are affecting the overall growth of the economy of the US. Different players of the telecommunication industry are reporting the decline in the profit margin due to the increase in competition and higher interest rate. The increase in spendable income is allowing the consumers to seek for bette r telecommunication facilities to match their fast life. The increasing demand of customers is directly affecting competition within the telecommunication leaders of US market. The different economical trends and currency rates of all the partner countries has affected the business decision of the organization. AT&T needs to have different market strategies as per the economical differences of all the outsourced countries (Crandall, 2000).The rapid growth of technology has an extensive impact on the business decisions of the telecommunication industry. Most of the organizations are investing to improve their inquiry and development facilities to offer the latest technologies to their customers. The maturity of the technology is also affecting the business decisions of this industry. Most of the technological developments are facing maturity stage very fast due to the introduction of more innovative facilities. The organisation also needs to focus on the global technological trends to sustain their global customers.

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