Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Marijuana Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marijuana - Essay Example Now, with better research and newly developed technology, scientists have found that all natural supplements are healthier for treatment of certain illnesses. Medicinal application marijuana, for instance, has many benefits and some doctors prescribe marijuana to patients with diseases ranging from Alzheimer to HIV, to help with treatments. The common people could also use it to control their stress or become less depressed, which makes life a lot simpler and easier to handle when time gets rough. Even though marijuana portrays many medicinal benefits, it should not only be used for medical purposes but should also be regulated like alcohol (which is toxic) and tobacco, whose consumption is in some cases worse than using marijuana. There are currently big debates going on in Congress and all over the world, on whether to legalize marijuana or not. This occurs at a time when most of the Americans have at least tried marijuana, or are using it to help them overcome stress. The drug is also an ‘all-natural’ plant that can be grown anywhere in the world; it has a high demand, and its supply is high. Drug lords and its growers however started adding chemicals that cause users to become addicted to their product and after a while of use, the consumers start using stronger drugs. That is why marijuana is called a gateway drug. If the bill in Congress passes for marijuana, the Food and Drug Administration will supervise the product. It will be offered, for everyone to buy, at the pharmacy. Gangs and drug dealers will not sell it on the streets, due to the vast drop in prices from the legalization of marijuana, and its consequential easy access to the public. Right now, if there were no marijuana in the streets, people would have no other choice but to use worse drugs, like cocaine, or crystal meth; those types of drugs that can affect a person’s health physically, mentally, and they become desperate to obtain these drugs at any necessary means. In S audi Arabia for instance, the people do not accept drugs socially or religiously. However, I feel that if the government looked into the positive effects of marijuana, there would be a change in the view of marijuana among the citizens of Saudi Arabia. If everyone smoked a little of it every day, the euphoria feeling would overcome all other emotions and there would be fewer problems, and less crimes. People will become more relaxed, and better able to communicate with each other respectfully. It would also develop an environment where people love each other; everyone would have less stress, and become mellower and the world would become a more peaceful place. More research should however be done to test the pros and cons of marijuana, then the government should weigh out the results. As a democracy, the United States of America should allow its people to vote on whether to legalize it or not. In my opinion, I believe that whether Congress will legalize it or not, it will take the n ext five years for them to reach a final decision. I however do not think it is necessary to prolong the debate on whether to legalize it or not. This issue should be resolved soon because it could change people’s lives in the United States, even people who have never tried this drug. In conclusion, marijuana is a useful and helpful drug that Americans need in their lives. It has both medicinal and social value that promises benefits to the society. Its

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