Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Telecommunication in healthcare Speech or Presentation

Telecommunication in healthcare - Speech or Presentation Example Another area which has been evolving over the course of years and decades is the healthcare industry. Healthcare has constantly evolved with the times, from poor and dangerous practices to safer, more effective procedures. From the old days of blood letting and body humors, to CT scans and brain surgery, healthcare has come a long way, and continues to evolve in order to aid mankind in staying healthy, relieving pain, and generally living longer. The goal of this paper is to examine and assess the marriage of these two topics; telecommunications in the healthcare setting. It aims to discuss its current state, benefits and set backs, as well as to try and predict where it will be in the next 5 years. It aims to do so by laying the topic out as such: 1. What is telecommunication? 2. Telecommunication technology used in the hospital setting 3. Advantages and disadvantages of telecommunication in healthcare 4. Significance of telecommunication in the healthcare setting 5. Where will heal thcare telecommunications be in 5 years What is telecommunication? Telecommunication, according to dictionary.com, is â€Å"the transmission of information. . . usually over great distances, in the form of electronic signals..†. This gives us a guide as to how to look at the technology that will be discussed in this portion of the paper. There are many forms of this technology available in the market today. The basic form of this technology is of course the telephone. There are many types of telephones that use different types of connections in order to communicate such as the regular public switch telephone network, internet protocol or IP phones, and mobile carrier phones. This is most likely the first thing that would come to mind when thinking about telecommunication, however, this is but a small part of the technology. Other examples are chat and email. These on the other hand are text-related forms of telecommunication. These provide a great way to send out information quickly if incase there is no time to spend on the phone and if details are needed to be sent over that require visual support. You can also consider fax as a form of telecommunication as you are still sending over information electronically; it’s just turned into a hard copy once it is received. One other form of telecommunication, which people normally do not think of, is the public announcement system. It still fits into our description of sending over information electronically. The great thing about telecommunications is that it is flexible, it evolves in conjunction to our needs and it improves greatly over the course of a relatively short period of time. This means that it is effective in most settings and is able to provide multiple options for connectivity. Telecommunication technology used in the hospital setting The healthcare industry has slowly grown and evolved throughout time and so have the technologies that they used. As they made an effort to solve more prob lems, their need to communicate, share information and collaborate also grew and changed. Gone are the days of regular landline calls and pagers. The healthcare industry now uses great technology and equipment in order to have better communication, record keeping, and collaboration. Aside from the average technology such as IP phones, email, chat, fax and the PA system, the healthcare industry also has other tools up its sleeve. One of them is video conferencing. There is one kind that is specially

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